Welcome to Worship With Me! A place to connect with God through worship music. Although Worship is not only done through song, it is one of the most beautiful ways, and for me it is how I connect to Gods heart the most intimately. In my early teens I would write about everything I could, in every way I could; poetry, short stories, journalism and music. As life got busy and filled with so many other things, I found myself not writing anymore and honestly didn’t think about it much until recently  when I spoke with a dear friend and mentor of mine about how I felt my life was lacking purpose, how I was ready to be used more by God. Without knowing that I’d ever written a thing in my life she mentioned that maybe I could start a blog! And here I am! I believe God used her to spark a fire in my soul and to remind me that singing and music were not my only spiritual gifts, but writing as well! My prayer is that by interpreting some of my favorite worship music, through my life experiences, I will be able to offer hope, comfort, and joy through the presence of the Holy Spirit. Once a week I will be choosing a song that touched and effected my life greatly. Not only in times of heartache but in times of joy. I will be sharing what God taught me through the lyrics of these songs, and through His word. Whether hundreds or few stop by to visit my blog,  I pray all glory be given to God, the one who put this dream in my heart, and the one through which all is given!

If you need prayer or have any questions, you can email me at worshipwithmejenna@gmail.com